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10 Winning Moves
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1. Add selfies to her ipad or iphone with songs that make you think of her. No heavy metal.  

2. Take her to do something she enjoys. It might be a night at the opera, tickets to a foreign film festival, or anything connected with the word “Broadway”

3. Let her use the remote control.

4. Enroll both of you in a class in which she has shown interest. Ballroom dancing is a safe choice and you’ll look Derek Hough at your wedding reception.

5. Wash her car, her dog, or anything washable without being prompted.

6. As cliché as it sounds …  sprinkle rose petals in the hallway, draw her a bath, and give her a complete massage (not just the fun parts!). Then curl up under a duvet to a netflix.

7. Invest in a checkered blanket and wicker picnic basket.  Scout the perfect location and bring a variety of items you prepared that morning.  If you cannot cook, pack Gouda, French bread and a couple bottles of wine.

8. Find out where the next “girls night out” is and call the restaurant with your credit card.  This also does wonders with impressing her friends.

9. Get a pedicure for yourself.  She will thank you.

10. PVR the biggest game of the year and surprise her with dinner reservations.  When she realizes you’d rather watch her from across the table than the playoffs, she will definitely feel spoiled.  And you’ll never have to miss another game again.


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